Village Tour

A Village Tour is an ideal way to explore typical Nepali  villages. You will be staying with locals and have a great place to experience their living style and daily life. Village life is different from urban life. The Village Tour has become famous because it provides an opportunity for witnessing that actual life style of mountain people.  In the past, touring in Nepal meant either trekking along the trails or staying in specially built resorts. Getting to know the locals and their culture has been difficult. Now you can experience a stay in an unspoiled village.

Observe the real Nepalese cultural tradition from the close quarters and intermingle with the locals. The traditional culture of the different ethnic groups is a highlight of all village trips. These warm and friendly people are always ready to perform their music and dance and to give an insight into their religion. We conduct Village Tours in many regions in Nepal, however, Salyankot in Dhading, Sirubari, Bandipur, Palpa are quite famous and offer easer access than other places. Come along!!