About Us

About Us

Trexmount Ventures is a leading Trekking company registered under the Office of Company Registrars and Certified by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. We are also associated with the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). We do organize fixed departures as well as your Tailor-made tour packages as per your interest, time & budget needs. We craft flexible itineraries with competitive prices.

Our experience of more than 19 years has made us on Top for organizing the tours for every client very pleasantly. Trexmount Ventures Crews serve their professional work with attention for every situation to make the holiday trouble fee. We are always committed to providing the best possible service to ensure that the time you spend while traveling with us will be worth remembering for a lifetime.

We believe that your satisfaction is our life of Business. We have huge numbers of clients who are promoting our brand with keep coming and recommending their Family and Friends. Let us have a chance to design your holiday plans in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Sikkim/Darjeeling, we won’t leave any space to make all the trips a great success.


Trexmount Ventures is based Travel Company & has all trained local employees who are very familiar with all sorts of holiday needs. We have selected our staff on based on their knowledge, experience, attitude, and capacity to deal with the situation. All Crew member is Guided by the Philosophy that we should not compromise to provide high-quality service which is key to the success of any professional work.

FLEXIBLE ITINERARY AND COMPETITIVE PRICES: We have designed our itineraries for each package to meet your holiday needs at a competitive price. There are always chances to encounter unforeseen Circumstances so the Clients require a degree of flexibility and understanding to deal with unavoidable circumstances such as govt. restriction, flight delay, landslides, flood, snow, road blockage, political unrest, Sickness or Accident. But, we will always try to provide you with an alternative or substitute trip of the same value.

ACCOMMODATION: Trexmount Ventures trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible so we always take high concern in choosing your accommodations. We select them after their service, location & facilities. We do arrange good and modern accommodations in the various hotels (from non-star to star hotels) by your requirements, interests, and Budget considerations.

CUISINE: Trexmount Ventures always paying attention and giving our utmost priority to hygiene and different varieties of taste. So we carefully choose the Hotels & Restaurants and try for the best available in the area. Many hotels & restaurants serve a variety of hygienic meals from Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, and Korean to Continental dishes. At some places, we do serve the meals from the Buffet & sometimes you can choose your meals from the menu with the tastes you want.

During the camping & Village Tour|trekking section, our highly skilled and experienced chefs will provide tasty and nutritious meals daily with a variety of local and Western dishes. We leave no stone unturned for maintaining the personal hygiene of our clients and use as much fresh produce as possible and special diets are regularly catered for.

Our cook will be timely providing you perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are going into the Tea House Guest House Section, there will be a menu so you can choose your meals from the menu every day. We believe that good health is vital to an enjoyable holiday journey.

HEALTH AND COMFORT: Your Health is one of the important factors in enjoying the holiday, Because of sudden changes in climate and altitude; there could arise some alterations in your health. We recommend you know about all aspects of health problems & gather information about altitude sickness, dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, rabies, hepatitis, tetanus, meningitis, malaria, diphtheria, and HIV/AIDS which can be useful and of course, the common sense is always very helpful.

Quite a few numbers of Visitors are affected by Diarrhea as they will be eating and drinking in various outlets. So, we recommend you drink purified water and eat in clean outlets. Drinking and eating precautions will surely help to take care of many health problems that could arise during the trip. It is highly recommended to stay hydrated during trips of all kinds. We always recommend you undergo a thorough physical checkup before traveling to any destination.

We recommend vaccination for diseases like Malaria, Tetanus, Typhoid, smallpox, Meningitis, Polio, and Hepatitis before you travel on the safe side. However, there’s no need to present inoculation or immunization certificates to enter Nepal for any legal purpose. You can find all types of Medical facilities in Kathmandu, and almost all kinds of medicines in Kathmandu.

There are several hospitals in big cities however there are just a few health posts that the government sets up in the countryside where the facilities are not on equivalence with those found in the cities. In this regard, Unique Path Travels always suggests bringing your first Aid Medicines which are more helpful for emergency use.

ECOLOGICAL OR ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICES: Trexmount Ventures is inspired by the principles of ecological or environmental responsibilities. We have conducted all of our trips with careful eyes in order not to affect the local ecology negatively. We actively participate in various environmental education projects and campaigns. We always strive to make a minimum impact on the local environment during our trips.

ECONOMIC PRACTICES: Trexmount Ventures emphasizes extensive use of available local products and enhances maximum economic benefits to the local communities. Besides, we support rural development projects by contributing some of our profit yearly.

OUR SERVICES: We specialize in providing complete and quality touring solutions to our clients from around the world for Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Sikkim|Darjeeling holidays. We also organize quality Hiking/Trekking, White-water Rafting, Mountain Climbing, Wildlife Safari, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Scenic Mountain Flights, Home Stay Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Volunteering and Helicopter tours along with other adventure with nature and social activities.

Well, these varieties of tours can be done from short to long and easy to challenging. We do provide personalized services at a reasonable price with a guarantee of the best holiday experience with us.