Safe Adventure

SAFETY AND RELIABILITY: Safety and the well-being of our groups are of paramount importance to us. We have a team of qualified professional guides who are well-trained by the Government & various institution. Actually all adventure travels done with proper safety precautions are not risky in themselves but when safety measures are esteemed less, many things can go wrong and minor sickness could turn out serious enough to be fatal. We take huge concern on safety and reliability as we do not compromise for safety issues.
Our guides are highly professional and are trained for basic idea on first aid, hygiene and personal protection equipment. we always select our guides who are technically proficient, who have proven safety records and supportive teaching styles. We have design all our tour itineraries in such a way including the enough time for acclimatization. In case of emergency, the helicopter rescue is also available
Some of the safety rules:

  • Well, never risk Tour|trekking along. And always take guide
  • Just don’t make the display of wealth.
  • Best to keep your belongings secure and within your sight.
  • Always remember to register personal information and Tour|trekking details with your respective embassies.
  • Always make arrangements for handling emergency situation beforehand.
  • Don’t forget to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy that covers helicopter rescue costs.
  • And remember to leave a copy of your details with us in Kathmandu.
  • Note: There can be other security tips too. But mainly, you should be well alert about the security of your belongings. We are always here to make you feel most safe and comfortable during your trips.

TRANSPORTATION: We choose reliable Domestic Airlines Company to make reliable & safer flight. We do provide all types of transportation’s as per requirements. We can provide air-conditioned as well as non-air conditioned vehicles, Private or Public (tourist Vehicle). We make sure & guarantee to provide best available transportation into each of our tours for comfortable journey which will make your trip wonderful and rewarding Holiday with us.

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL: Trexmount Ventures is always sincere to observe Responsible Tourism practices and inspired by the principles for ecological or environmental responsibilities, social and cultural responsibilities, economic responsibilities, and innovative responsibilities. We always do our best to contribute for the awareness and change campaigns for responsible tourism. We have been frequently launching number of eco projects into the villages. And we also train our guides and helpers in environmental education and awareness for other socio-cultural. We also encourage our clients to be more sensitive in while photography and dress codes while respecting the differences, modesty and privacy.