Best Street foods in Nepal

Best Street foods in Nepal

Published on Sep 06, 2023

Food plays an important role in Nepalese culture. Nepal is renowned for the variety of its cultures. Additionally, each culture in Nepal has a distinct yet distinctive food. It comes in a huge variety. They use delectable mixes of excellent flavors in several of their dishes. Among the frequently consumed foods are soups, lean curries, vegetables, salads, lean meat, pickles, and curd. The best street foods in Nepal are more which are listed below. You can explore this in the blog.

Among the ingredients are tomatoes, chiles, coriander, garlic, and mustard oil. Here are ten delectable regional delicacies in Nepal, from mouthwatering Choila to Yomari, that you simply must eat if you are unfamiliar with Nepali culture.

Top 10 Best Local/Street foods of Nepal 

Maas Ko bara

Maas Ko bara- street foods of Nepal

Maas Ko Bara, also referred to as Newari pancakes, is a tasty Newari delicacy with a unique flavor. With cracked eggs or minced buffalo meat, freshly cooked rice-flour pancakes are served.

They are merely lentil patties, and either green or black lentils can be used to make the batter. You can buy these pancakes from Newari supermarkets, but you should consume them soon for the best flavor.

Pani Puri

A hollow, crispy-fried puff ball filled with potato, chickpeas, onions, spices, and flavored water—typically tamarind or mint—is popped into one’s mouth whole to make the popular bite-size chaat known as Gol Gappa (also known as pani puri). It is one of the best street foods in Nepal. Mostly, popular in the Terai region of Nepal.  


A popular dish of the Nepalese Newar people is yogurt. It is a kind of steamed dumpling with a shell made of rice flour and a filling that is sweet like Chaku. The treat plays a crucial role in Newari society and is an essential part of the Yomari Punhi festival.

Some people think that the triangle shape of the Yamari represents a portion of the Shadkona, a representation of Saraswati and knowledge. The dough is first produced using rice flour. The Chaku is then stuffed with various dough shapes. This was then steamed and hot served. Also, it is one of the Best street foods of Nepal.

Juju Dhau

Juju Dhau, also known as the “King of Yogurt,” is a delectable custard that originated in Bhaktapur, a city that is particularly important during festivals. It has a flavor that is similar to yogurt. 

In the houses of other Newar communities, such as those in the Kathmandu Valley and Patan, one can also find Juju Dhau, a sort of dish that originated in Bhaktapur during the old Malla era. Similar to that, Juju Dhau is made through bacterial fermentation and served in a clay pot.


Another specialty of the Newari culture produced from rice flour is called chatamari. A thick batter is made using rice flour. It has a distinctive appearance and flavor due to the toppings that are used to adorn its top. 

Vegetables and various cuts of meat are both acceptable ingredients. Some even refer to this pizza as Newari. Chatamari isn’t always available at Nepali restaurants. If they do, they specifically mention this.

Gud Pak

Typically, milk and sugar are used to make Gud pak. The original Gud pak was made in a deeper pan using a combination of milk, Khuwa, ghee, and dried fruits along with cooking fuels like wood. Despite the change from kerosene to gas burners, the basic ingredients are still substantially the same. 

It is a well-known dessert with a lot of nutrition. It is consumed by new moms too for this reason. Gud Pak’s primary component is Khuwa. Nuts, almonds, cashews, coconuts, and pistachios are additional minor ingredients.


In the Himalayan region, Thukpa, a Nepalese cuisine with Tibetan and Chinese elements, is popular. The flu can be prevented with a bowl of steaming soup.  Thukpa is a common food among the Sherpa people of both Tibet and Nepal.

To survive the extremely harsh winters at high altitudes, their diet primarily consists of carbohydrates. Cumin, Turmeric, and Timmur peppercorns are added to the soup to give it an energetic warmth. Furthermore, Thukpa noodles are made in Bhutan using buckwheat. A lot of people enjoy this, therefore, it is one of the  Best street foods in Nepal.

Samya bhaji

Samya bhaji is regarded as a representative dish of Newari cuisine. Even though it has been handed down through many generations, the public still values this dish highly.

Although there is no set season for serving this meal, it is frequently provided on auspicious events, at family get-togethers, and during Newari Festivals. Samay baji is the first ritual in every religious occasion, including pujas and festivals. During Sharada (rituals for death anniversaries), this is also provided.

It is eaten all year round because it is simple to prepare and store. Major Nepalese celebrations like Indra Jatra, Dashain, and Tihar (Laxmi Puja, Bhai Tika) also see the consumption of Samay Baji. Almost every gathering of the Newari tribe offers this lunch.


Buffalo flesh is seasoned and grilled in a dish called “Choila,” also known as “Chhwela” or “Chhoyela” in Nepali. Even though the dish today includes mutton, chicken, duck, and even mushrooms, water buffalo meat is still the most widely used traditional ingredient.

This dish is often served with rice flakes (chiura), and it is frequently quite hot, spicy, and delectable. A lot of people enjoy this, therefore, it is one of the  Best street foods in Nepal. Along with a few other ingredients, it is recognized by the Newar community as a crucial part of the cuisine during celebrations. It is an essential part of Samay Baji.

Gorkhali Lamb

One of the most popular meats in Nepal is lamb, which is frequently prepared as a delicacy for festivals or special occasions. One of the many ways to prepare lamb is by using the Gorkhali Lamb Curry. The lamb has been grilled. This is cooked in a spicy concoction. You’ll appreciate it if you like spicy non-vegetarian food.


Momo is a staple of native cuisine in Nepal and cannot be disregarded. The dough is enclosed around a scoop of filling to create momo, which is little dumplings.

Although it can also occasionally be fried or steam-fried, momo is frequently steamed. The meat or vegetable fillings get delicious when a highly flavorful broth is created and sealed inside the wrappers.  A lot of people enjoy this, therefore, it is one of the  Best street foods in Nepal.

 It’s kind of like the national food of Nepal. Both Tibetans and Nepalese eat momo frequently, both on a daily basis and on special occasions.

Later, Nepal saw the emergence of the dish’s modifications, as Asians started to eat them. Each type of momo, including the C momo, Kothey momo, steam momo, boiling momo, Jhol momo, etc., is equally delicious.

Some of the special street snacks of Nepal


Chatpate - street foods in Nepal

The last item on the list for someone who likes spicy food is Chatpate. This spicy Nepalese meal has a wide range of spices. After eating chatpate, you will feel a flavor explosion.

Similar to chaat or Bhel, it boasts a fantastic blend of tanginess, sweetness, and spices. This street food is loved by anyone, but notably by young people and women of all ages.

Sel Roti and Aloo Achar

Sel roti is a typical sweet rice flour-based dish produced at home in Nepal. The two main times for preparation are Dashain and Tihar. Despite this, the majority of people eat it for breakfast each morning.

Aloo Achar goes great with this. Cucumbers, peas, and other boiled vegetables are used to make the aloo achar. Also, it has been one of the best street foods in Nepal for centuries. 


As winter approaches, Pakoda has become our go-to daily, comforting snack. It is typically prepared with green vegetables including onions, cabbage, and potatoes. This deep-fried snack is light, crispy, and crunchy with a flavor of natural sweetness and spice.


Jeri, often referred to as Jilebi, is the most well-liked regional street dish in Nepal. After every meal, it is frequently served as dessert.



This dessert-style Newari meal is consumed during the festival and holiday seasons. Sugar, butter, and flour are the main ingredients. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The fact that this meal can be kept for several days in storage is quite helpful. 

Some of the recent food inventions of Nepal 


A spicy meal called Laphing is created with mung bean flour and cold noodles. The combination of garlic, chili paste, soy sauce, essential spices, and a few herbs in this soup is brilliant. This meal is served with soy sauce gravy and noodles that have a slippery texture.

This dish is typically eaten in the summer. The younger generation prefers this meal as a light but spicy snack because it is affordable and readily available.



This Nepali pork dish has its roots in Chitwan, in the southern region of the country. The boneless lamb slices are fried in oil over low heat on a skillet called a tawa after being marinated in Nepali herbs and spices.

In Nepal, particularly in the Terai region, Taas is a widely consumed meal. It is hot and sour fried mutton that is served with pickles, green salad, and bhuja. 


This cool beverage, which is originally from Pakistan, is extremely well-known in Nepal as well, particularly in the summer. This drink, which includes a variety of nuts and fruits, is popular with many people.

In fact, this beverage is really healthy for your body because it is loaded with probiotics. Additionally, this beverage aids with digestion, which improves intestinal health. It is a drink that is easy on the stomach and improves bone health while enhancing immunity.

Additionally, they are said to be rich in vitamin D, which lessens blemishes, moisturizes skin, and prevents acne. Overall, lassi helps you keep your cholesterol under control.

Aloo Dum

Aloo Dum

One of the most delectable and well-known Nepalese meals is Aloo Dum. You can eat this as a curry or a snack. It is based on tiny, typically fried potatoes that are then simmered in a yogurt sauce with spices.

Aalu dum is not a newly invented food in Nepal. One of the most well-known and popular vegetables in Nepal is Aalu or potato. Boiling the potatoes creates a flavorful and spicy dish that can be served with just about anything, including rice, chiura, and roti, or it may be eaten on its own. The recipe is also quick and simple. It might be included on the menu for lunch, supper, or a snack.


What Nepalese street food is the most well-liked?

A popular street snack in Nepal is pani puri. It is a typical street food that can be found practically anywhere in the Asian continent. A fried, crisp hollow called a puri is filled with flavor-infused water. In addition to Pani Puris, one may also indulge in exquisite Dahi Puris in Kathmandu.

What is street food in Nepal?

In Nepalese cooking, aloo is a common ingredient, and aloo chops are regarded as one of Kathmandu’s top street food specialties. A minimum of one chili, onions, green peppers, and mashed potatoes are used to make the aloo chops, which are a common dish in both Indian and Nepalese cuisine.

What is the famous food in Nepal?

Nepal is renowned for its iconic dish, Chatamari, often referred to as “Nepali Pizza.” It is a unique Newari creation made from a hearty batter of rice flour. Its shape and toppings are what give it its pizza-like likeness. This meal has exotic-looking decorations made of veggies and meatballs.

What is the popular snack in Nepal?

The most well-known street meal and snack in Nepal is without a doubt momos. They were initially created in the Himalayan region, but over time, they have spread to many different places. These adorable dumplings are now a staple in the cuisines of India, Bhutan, and Nepal. Momos are regarded as Nepal’s national dish by many people.

How healthy is Nepali food?

Among the different cuisines in South Asian countries, Nepalese food is renowned for being the healthiest. In Nepal, lean meats and chunky veggies are more commonplace than fats. Potatoes, lentils, mustard oil, and other ingredients are frequently used in Nepalese cuisine.


With its blend of heritage, Nepalese cuisine draws inspiration from a number of foods from its neighbors. The many backgrounds and nationalities of Nepalese influence the traditional meals as well.

Additionally, among the various cuisines in South Asian countries, Nepalese meals are renowned for being the healthiest. In Nepal, lean meats and chunky vegetables predominate over foods high in fat.

In Nepalese cuisine, elements including potatoes, lentils, mustard oil, and others are frequently used.

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