10 Best Places to Visit In Nepal In Winter Season

10 Best Places to Visit In Nepal In Winter Season

Published on Oct 19, 2022

From the untamed, powerful mountains in the north to the verdant plains and meadows in the south, Nepal is a continuum of natural beauty. Aside from its unending natural beauty, the region is renowned for its assortment of adventurous pursuits and religious significance. In this blog know about Places to Visit in Nepal In the Winter.

Are you curious to learn more about Nepal’s history? Before reading the rest of the article, click the link. Trekking can last for days, and every day will bring something new. Nepal has its unique means of making people happy, whether it is by bungee jumping or drinking pink butter tea.

Do you want to know the Best Places to Visit in Nepal During the Winter Season and where to go during your winter vacation? If you are planning a trip to Nepal during the winter, we have prepared a list of the 10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal During the Winter Season.

Best Places to Visit Nepal In Winter Season Close to Kathmandu Valley


The little village of Nagarkot is situated in Nepal’s heartland. It is renowned for having a clear view of the Himalayas and for supporting a large variety of butterfly species. From here, one can see 8 of the Himalayas’ 13 mountain ranges.

This is feasible both in the winter and summer. The best months to see the mountains are October through December and March through April. Do you intend to travel to Nagarkot? Try our five-day Nepal tour, which includes stops in Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, and Kathmandu.

How to reach Kathmandu?

Kathmandu and Nagarkot are only 32 kilometers apart. The Araniko Highway would take 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to Nagarkot. Taking local buses is the most affordable way to go from Kathmandu to Nagarkot. Every day, there are also tourist buses leaving from Kathmandu.

Adventure seekers may enjoy riding or trekking from Kathmandu to Nagarkot. Taxis are the most expensive transportation option from Kathmandu to Nagarkot.


kakani hiking
Kakani hiking

The numerous Nepalese towers in this valley are well-known. For a clear perspective of the Himalayas, some people love to journey to the valley’s rim. This location, at 2073 meters, is quieter than other wonderful tourist spots. The area is well-known for the nearby Shivapuri National Park. Kakani. In addition to this, the valley is a popular location for adventure sports.

How to reach Kakani from Kathmandu?

Through the Trishuli Highway, Kakani and Kathmandu are separated by only 24 miles. To go to this valley from Kathmandu, there are buses and taxis available. Cabs are the least expensive way to go to Kakani. A little bit longer than 30 minutes would be needed. If taxis are not available, you can attempt the buses that go from Balaju to Kakani. Four times every day, these buses operate.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal In the Winter Season Outside of Kathmandu Valley


Everyone will be reminded of Chitwan National Park by Chitwan. Thankfully, it isn’t the only tourist destination in the area. The area is well-known for its palaces, lakes, commercial districts, outdoor activities, and much more. Chitwan is renowned for its abundance of deep forests. Keep in mind that there are many leopards in the forest.

Never venture into the forest on your own. Buy mustard oil from here if you feel like doing some shopping. Chitwan is known across the world for its mustard farming. Try the local cuisine when visiting Chitwan. The national food is a spicy fried goat dish with cheura. Momos, Dalbhat, sukuti-khaja set, and other delicacies are also available.

How to reach Kathmandu to Chitwan?

Taking a tourist AC bus from Kathmandu to Chitwan is the best method to get there. From Kathmandu, it would take seven hours to go to Chitwan. Buses are readily available on the Kantipath side near Thamel. Local buses and taxis are other choices.


Bandipur- Best Places to Visit in Nepal In Winter

One of Nepal’s most endearing town regions is this one. The ideal location to take in Newari culture, traditional architecture, and more is here. The inhabitants have made extra efforts to preserve the native culture. There are numerous beautiful historical temples and buildings to be found. The land is situated at a moderate altitude.

As a result, the winter won’t be too harsh and you can still take in numerous interesting vistas of the mountains nearby. Many people from various regions of the region have settled on the land. As a result, Bandipur enthusiastically celebrates a variety of holidays.

How to reach From Kathmandu to Bandipur?

Kathmandu is 148 kilometers away from Bandipur. The Prithvi highway would take 4.5 hours to get there. From Kathmandu to Bandipur, there are cabs and buses available. If you’re on a local bus, you must get off at Dumre before switching to a different bus to get to Bandipur (30 30-minute ride)


Ilam is a beautiful place with abundant animals, cultural richness, and other things. Apart from its outstanding natural beauty, Ilam is renowned for its numerous hills, which are popular tourist sites. AntuDanda, Mai Pokhari, Sadakpur, Kanyam, Siddhi Thumka, and other popular destinations in Ilam are listed below.

How to reach from Kathmandu?

Ilam and Kathmandu are separated by about 524 kilometers. To get to Ilam, use a bus or a taxi. By car, it would take 17–22 hours. On this route, cabs travel much more quickly than buses.

Kalinchowk of Dolakha

Kalinchowk Tour- Best Places to Visit in Nepal In Winter

Trekkers are familiar with Kalinchowk. The quickest way out of the city is through this route. This little town at a high elevation is a winter haven. You can engage in both unique sightseeing activities and light adventure activities at this location. On the other side, pilgrimage activities are also well-known at this location.

How to reach from Kathmandu?

About 132 kilometers separate Kalinchowk from Kathmandu. Kuri Village is the nearest point where any vehicle can go to Kalinchowk. Travelers must hike for an hour to get there from the settlement. You can easily find buses to Charikot from Kathmandu. To get to Kuri Village from Charikot, you’ll need a private vehicle like a jeep. The path travels through forests and over snowy patches.

Best winter activities to enjoy

Trekking Hiking, Camping Visit the Kalinchowk Temple to see the sunset from its peak. There are a lot of rites taking place in the temple if you go during the Janai Purnima festival. Try Jhwaikhattey Skiing, a local millet beer.


Pokhara is the place for you if you want a vacation filled with adventure and stunning natural beauty. This serene location offers adventure sports, lakes, mountains as a backdrop, and much more. Do you know that Gurkha troops are honored in a museum?

The area is also the entrance to the Annapurna ranges. If you are unfamiliar with the Annapurna mountains, it is simply every ardent trekker’s desire to reach them. Three of the top ten highest mountains in the world are located there.

The ultimate trekking route is the Annapurna Circuit. In addition to this, Pokhara offers a wide variety of temples, stupas, and townships to explore.

How to reach from Kathmandu?

Pokhara and Kathmandu are separated by about 200 kilometers. Direct flights are available from Kathmandu to Pokhara. To go to Pokhara from Kathmandu, you can either take a rail, taxi, or municipal or private bus. The night tourist buses, which run during the busiest travel season, are the finest alternative of all.

The best wintertime activities

  • Here, trekking is a popular activity.
  • Visits to temples, pagodas, and stupas
  • Visits to museums such as the Gurkha Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, and others
  • Enjoy touching water and bungee leaping
  • Paragliding
  • Skydiving
  • Rock climbing
  • Birdwatching

Poon Hill

In Nepal, Poon Hill offers a magnificent vista. For those taking a quick trip to Nepal, it is a favorite place for trekking. The cold can be an obstacle if you come here in the winter. You should be aware, nevertheless, that winter brings out the best in the landscape. Poon Hill is also the finest place to discover the native culture and get unique photo opportunities.

How to reach Kathmandu?

About 117 kilometers separate it from Kathmandu. Take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, which is the most popular route to go to Poon Hills. Buses and taxis are available from Pokhara to Tikhedhunga. You must make the five-hour journey from Tikhedhunga to Ghorepani before beginning your Poon Hill trekking adventure.

Do you enjoy hiking a lot? From Kathmandu to Nayapul, there are cabs and buses available. You can begin your excursion by walking to Birethanti from Nayapul.

Mardi Himal

A notable trekking location is Mardi Himal. In addition to this, the environment is well-known for other adventurous pursuits. The months of March through November are the ideal times to visit Nepal’s Mardi Himal.
Snow and excitement are only two aspects of trekking. You get to journey through a variety of ethnic towns, campgrounds, and other fascinating locations.

How to reach from Kathmandu?

Drive or take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. You may either drive or hike to Pothana from Pokhara. even make the trek to Pothana. The majority of travelers begin their trekking expenses after arriving at Pothana. To get to the low camp area from Pothana, hike to the forest camp.


Mustang Trekking- Best Places to Visit in Nepal In Winter

The Himalayan area of Nepal is home to this remote monarchy. Here, visitors can engage in a variety of customary pursuits and experience a distinctive way of life. To visit Upper Mustang, special authorization is required. But it is completely worthwhile (not during winter).

During winter visitors should stay in Lower Mustang. From August through the beginning of winter, hikers travel to the area. You can take part in various cultural festivals if you hang around. The Tiji Festival is the greatest of all. It’s not just about trekking in Nepal in the winter. Check out our special blog post about the top things to do in Nepal.

How to reach from Kathmandu?

The ideal route is to take from Kathmandu to Pokhara, then from Pokhara to Mustang. From Kathmandu to Pokhara, there are aircraft, buses, and taxis available. It would be best if you took an aircraft or a jeep to go to Jomsom from Pokhara. Reaching Jomsom by air wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Some ardent hikers travel from Pokhara to Jomsom.

At Last

There are many wonderful Places to Visit in Nepal In the Winter. It’s always a pleasure to travel to places like Phewa Lake, Pashupatinath, Sagarmatha National Park, Langtang National Park, Kathesimbu Stupa, Devi’s Fall, Parsa Wildlife Reserve, and Bindyabasini Temple.

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