Mustang Trekking

Mustang Trekking

Trip Grade
Max. Altitude
4230 Mm


Mustang trekking is a fantastic way to see a mix of social gatherings and Mother Nature’s awe in the Himalayan mountains. Upper Mustang’s Old Kingdom is frequently compared to Shangri-La, the fabled Himalayan region. It has a beautiful desert with rich red and ocher dirt, steep gorges, and breathtaking peaks against an endless blue sky.

The tiny Kingdom of Mustang is located on the Tibetan border. You’ll enter a place that feels like a forbidden and remote haven from the contemporary world. Mustang has developed a distinct culture and traditions of its own. It is possibly one of the remaining pristine enclaves.

Upper Mustang Trekking is one of Nepal’s most enigmatic and intriguing routes.  Mustang is located in the shadow of the Himalayan Mountains. We follow the trail through the Lobas people’s whitewashed villages. This was previously a busy commerce route connecting Nepal and Tibet.

The Trek begins with a spectacular flight to Jomsom (2,715m/8,907ft), perched on the shelf right above the Kaligandaki River, after meeting the Trexmount Ventures crew in Kathmandu. We hike through open, wind-swept land from here.

Before arriving in the small kingdom of Lo-Manthang we spend our night in the important settlements of Kagbeni, Chusang, Tshele, Ghame, and Tsharam. The typical Tibetan condition may be found at Lo-manthang, also known as the city divided by dividers.

Upper Mustang is famous for more than just cultural inquiry. It is with Mother Nature’s unique creation. The spectacular vistas of Annapurna I (8,091m/26,545ft), Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167m/26,795ft), and the neighboring Nilgiri Himal, Tukuche Peaks, have created breathtaking sights. Another highlight of this tour is the fabled wall Kingdom of Lo Manthang and its old fort (dzong).

The region has mostly escaped modern civilization. Yara and Ghara, as well as Lori Gumba, will be the ideal places to visit along the way. The world’s deepest canyon, the Kaligandaki Gorge, may also be observed.

It’s worth noting that this chasm was also featured in the National Geographic Channel’s acclaimed documentary. For all tourists, this hidden Kingdom of Mustang is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mustang Trek Guide

Mustang Trekking begins at Pokhara, Nepal’s most famous tourist destination. The picturesque flight from Pokhara will take you to the Jomsom airstrips, where the true journey begins. The journey passes through Kagbeni and Lower Mustang paths in the Kali Gandaki Valley (the borderline from where the restricted region of Upper Mustang begins).

Beyond Kagbeni, the trip begins to cater to the terrain, which is severely desolate but incredibly beautiful. The sky graves in the caves become more visible as the Mustang journey approaches Lo-Manthang. It depicts the old funeral traditions of the Upper Mustang people, who moved to the region years ago from Tibet.

The ruins of the ancient palaces of the King of Upper Mustang are a major attraction in Mustang. The areas surrounding Lo-Manthang are famous for their unique isolated villages and historic monasteries.

The amazing Himalayan vista of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Mt. Nilgiri, among others, is another highlight of the Upper Mustang Trek. Buddhist spirituality in monasteries such as Chhairo Monastery and Ghar Gompa. Similarly, the walk incorporates Bons culture in the Lubra Valley Monastery as well as Hinduism at Muktinath’s famous temple.

Because the entire Upper Mustang lies in a rain-shadow area in the trans-Himalayan mountain zone, Mustang Trekking is great at any time of year, including during the monsoon season.



: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

Our representative will come to the airport for transfer to the Hotel. After some refreshment in the hotel, Our Tour leader will conduct a pre departure meeting in the Hotel or at our office. The meetings will covers trip related information & the collecting your Documents (passport copy, 2 passport size photos, Travel insurance copy).


Kathmandu: Free day for Trek preparation.

Breakfast, free day for trek preparation. You can do your own activities OR, you can do sightseeing tour in Kathmandu valley with visiting fascinating world heritage and cultural sites. There are few places that are worth to visit such as Hindus holy Pashupatinath temple, Bouddhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), Durbar Squire ( One is in Kathmandu, in patan and also in Bhaktapur), Museum,  monasteries, old historical Palaces and Gardens. Note:  this tour is optional so you can visit with place of your interest & pay locally. (Meals:B)


Drive by private Vehicle to Pokhara (950 m-3,117 ft) – 06 hrs, 210 k.m.

As time set by our guide who accompanies you throughout this trip, depart from the hotel for an interesting drive on the busy road towards scenic Pokhara. The drive leads through Himalayan foothills and green valleys.  Arrive Pokhara for an overnight stop in the comfort of an excellent hotel situated nearby the lake Phewa. Have time for walks around the lake side. (Meals:B)


Fly to Jomsom (2,713 m-6,901 ft), trek to Kagbeni (2,810 m-9,219 ft) - Approx.3 hrs.Hike

After early breakfast depart for a short drive to Pokhara airport for mind blowing 20 minute flight to fly Jomsom. See vistas of towering snow capped peaks such as Annapurna, Nilgiris, Manaslu and the Dhaulagiri range. Jomsom is a large town and district headquarters of the Mustang. It is situated on a shelf above the Kaligandaki River. The environment and houses are similar to Tibetean culture and traditions. The residents are mostly Thakali people, a prosperous tribe that deals with hotels and lodges and have been trading with Tibet for hundreds of years.

From Jomsom we start walking through the windswept Kaligandaki river valley to Kagbeni. There are search for black shiny fossils called shaligram (ammonite), found in abundance around kaligandaki river valley. Pass the small place of Eklaibhatti towards North West. The trail meanders winding further towards Kagbeni for the overnight. Kagbeni is an interesting place and a gateway to Upper Mustang. In the afternoon explore the village and Buddhist Monastery. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Tshele (Chele) (3,050 m-10,006 ft) – 06 hrs.

From Kagbeni, start with small uphill towards the Upper Mustang. There are few shepard’s shelters and a small scattered village  Cross icy streams that open up into broken red colored canyons of ruined castle walls atop the high impressive cliffs.  Reach Chusang on the other side of the river. View the spectacular red eroded cliffs and inaccessible high caves. Cross a small bridge followed by an uphill walk for an hour.  Arrive at Tshele for overnight stop in a nice and simple lodge with homely comfort and services. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Geling (3,540 m- 111,614 ft) – 06 hrs.

We Start climbing for an hour to get Samar at 3,130 m-10,269 ft. See splendid views of Gyagar village across a huge canyon. Walk continues with a short descend from Samar, and start climbing to a ridge that leads up to 3800m and Descends through a colored chortens (a prayer monument) built from rocks to Shyangmochen, a small village with few guest house and shops at 3,710 m-12,172 ft. Having a short rest here and Proceed on a gentle downhill trail towards Geling with its large fields of barley for an overnight in a Guest House. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Tsarang (Charang) (3,560 m-11,680 ft) – 06 hrs.

We will be start ascending after the Breakfast, make a slow climb into large fields in the center of a huge windswept valley. See below Tamagaon village. Climb to the top of Nyi La pass at 3,950 m-12,959 ft. This pass is on the southern boundary of Lo area. Walk downhill mid-way to a junction, the right trail leads direct to Tsarang, while the left, to Ghami village which is one of the bigger village of Lo region.

Walk continues with a drop below the blue, grey and red cliffs. Walk across a valley and over a steel bridge over the Tangmarchu River.  Encounter a long climb with a wonderful and impressive stretch of Mani wall, probably one of the longest in Nepal.

After a short break make the last final climb to reach the (3, 600 m-11,811 ft) ridge top and a gentle downhill walk to Tsarang for an overnight stay. Tsarang is an interesting village with crops fields of maze, barley, buck wheat.

There are few willow and poplars trees surviving in this arid terrain and cold climate. There are five story white Dzong and a red Gompa (monastery) standing on the edge of Kali Gandaki gorge in this village, Tsarang village has its own electricity system. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Lo-Manthang (3,700 m-12,139 ft) – 05 hrs.

Walk downhill to cross Charangchu River, and follow the ridge to reach at Tholung valley and the gradual climb as the valley floor rises to a large chorten (Buddhist prayer monument) that marks the boundary of Tsarang and Lo area. Walk to a stream reaching a ridge top at 3,850 m-12,631 ft with super views of walled village of Lo Manthang.

With fabulous views descend to a stream, outlining the walled village of Lo Manthang and then a short climb over the plateau reaching towards southern wall of classic Lo Manthang.

Finally after several days of interesting scenic trekking, today reach our main highlight and destination, Lo Manthang. (Meals:B,L,D)



Explore the area near Lo-manthang, Visit Chosar and few small villages.  back to Lo-Manthang. (Meals:B,L,D)


In Lo-Manthang local visit.

Lo Manthang itself has a large village situated with boundary wall into the village. Herein find about 150 closely attached houses and residences for lamas and priests. The palace and monasteries are located in bottom portion in a vertical section of L shaped houses. There are lots to explore where our guide will take you to explore around this walled city

There are schools, health post, police post and several important chortens are found outside the walls of north and east gate with monastic part of this large village. Despite its old looking houses of Lo Manthang, it is a prosperous village maintaining strong sense of community. The people here are known as Lobas, who are from Lo area with much similarity to Tibetans and follow a practical culture economy. In the early days, this place was a focal point for trading of salt and wool with Tibet.

The Mustang Raja’s (king) palace stands as an impressive 4 story building in the hub of Lo Mantahng. The ancient and present home of king  raja, Jigme Parbal Bista, and rani (queen) are from a noble family of Shigatse (second largest city of Tibet after Lhasa and seat of Panchen Lama). (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Yara (3,550 m-11,647 ft) – 05 hrs.

After an interesting and most fascinating time in historical, cultural Lo Manthang, We head eastward on an alternative path to reach Jomsom, starting with a steep descend to the small village of Dhi by Phuyung Khola bank.

Cross a wooden bridge over Phuyung Khola and ascend to Yara to end the day, a small village with Buddhist player flags welcoming its visitors. Yara is a nice interesting area to explore afternoon time with great views of snow-capped peaks and surrounding picturesque landscapes. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Luri Gompa (3,900 m-12,795 ft) – 03 hrs.

Start after the breakfast, hike for 3 hours to Luri Gompa which is a small settlement, sparsely populated. Upon reaching this mystical and fascinating area, with time to spare, visit Luri Gompa, the last cave monastery of Lo area.

History of this place with no trace or written record of Luri Gompa constructions, this monastery linked with Kagyu sects of Buddhism. The approach and art of painting proves they were done by Nepalese (Newari) artists working for Tibetan patrons.

The cave shrine dates from 13th – 14th century, the central chamber of the Gompa is carved out of the rock creating a domed ceiling on which are painted a series of Mahasidha, Sakyamuni Buddha and Chenrez figures etc, which are excellent masterpieces.

Lining the walls, fresco with series of 14th century painting, which depict India Mahasidas, a great an interesting place of Luri Gompa with afternoon free at leisure to marvel the surrounding beauty. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Tange (3,250 m-10,663 ft) – 06 hrs.

After an interesting and fascinating with its historical impressive phenomenal monastery, start morning hiking through the high trail grass-less and barren, arid terrain. We hike gently to approach a small ridge top to head downhill to Tange village at 3,370 m-11,056 ft. Tange is a moderate size village of about 30 closely attached houses. On the rooftops find piles of dry big logs and wood stored for many years as status, which reflects prosperity of the society. This is a common tradition in this arid areas of Mustang where wood is very scarce. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Tsusang (Chusang) (2,920 m-9,50 ft) – 08 hrs.

This is a longest day of hiking on your trip as there are not any guest house into the middle of the journey. We hike in a barren wilderness of red earth landscapes. The path is gentle for few hours with views of distant snow capped peaks. Than we descends to Tsusang village for overnight stop. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Muktinath (3,800 m-12,467 ft) – 06 hrs.

We start ascending from Tsusang to Muktinath, In the morning walk on a gradual winding trail that ends in a junction where there are two routes separate (one to holy Muktinath and another is going to Kadbeni). Our direction takes the north east trail, passing several temporary huts and shelters of herders. This high path delivers super views of Nilgiri’s peaks and Dhaulagiri range. The trail winds onto the gradual with much wider trail to Muktinath for overnight stop with visiting the holy Muktinath temple and its premises.

Muktinath, a sacred pilgrimage area where people from Nepal and India visits here to offer prayer and to find liberation from their bad deeds. Mukti means to be free.  Natural elements are displayed in miraculous form-flickering blue flames of natural methane gas burning on water. A stone and earth offering is said to have been first lighted by Brahma which is a creator in Hindus legend. Muktinath sanctity goes back into antiquity of 2,300 years ago. Muktinath is equally holy for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages. (Meals:B,L,D)


Trek to Jomsom (2, 715 m-8,907 ft) – 04 hours.

After a long walk of previous day, today we hike on a pleasant walking trail on a downhill path. We walk through beautiful Jharkot village and drop of (1,200 m-3,937 ft)  to Kaligandaki river bed. Upon reaching the wide Kaligandaki River valley at a small place of Ekale bhatti, continue walking on the flat wide valley for few hours reaching Jomsom.  Enjoy the afternoon exploring the town and having the best of apple products as Mustang area is famous apples. (Meals:B,L,D)


Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara (860 m-2,960 ft).

The flights are operating in the early morning, transfer to Jomsom airport for the beautiful flight to Pokhara with alluring views of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri’s, Annapurna and Machhapuchare. This wonderful flight takes 20 minute to reach peace city Pokhara. Visit David fall, Guptseshore cave and enjoy the evening in the lake side. (Meals:B,L)


Drive to Kathmandu.

Breakfast, You will be Traveling 6 hours through the private Vehicle to Kathmandu. (Meals:B)


Free day In Kathmandu.

Today is a reserved day in case of flight delay at Jomsom due to unfavorable weather conditions. Farewell Dinner in the Evening. (Meals:B,D)



Breakfast in the Hotel, We will transfer to Tribhuvan International airport for departure towards your next destination. (Meals:B)

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