Bhutan People and Languages

Bhutan with its mixed culture & religion made visitor very interesting so Trexmount Ventures  have designed many tours to cover the culture hub of various groups.  As estimated, in July 2012, Bhutan had total population of 716,896. Bhutan is one of the least densely populated countries in the world, with 79 percent of the people living in rural areas.

The first settlers arrived in Bhutan 1400 years ago to find the indigenous population of “drukpa” already inhabiting the country. The people of Bhutan can be divided into three main ethnic groups: The Sharchops, Ngalongs and Lhotshampas. Sharcops living in the eastern part of the country are assumed to be the original people. The Ngalongs, who live by and large in western Bhutan, are the offsprings of Tibetan immigrants who arrived in Bhutan from the 9th century, The Lhotshampas, and inhabitants in the south of Bhutan in the late 19th century. The Lhotshampa, refers to Southern Bhutanese are correspond to Nepali- speaking groups. There are other minority groups in Bhutan such as Layap, Brokpa, Doya, Lhopu, Dhakpa and Lepcha.

Bhutan is the only country to keep up Mahayana Buddhism in its Tantric Vajrayana form as the official religion. The main practicing schools are the state sponsored Drukpa Kagyupa and the Nyingmapa. Whereas Buddhism is the main religion in the northern and eastern Bhutan, Southern Bhutanese are mainly Hindus.