Bhutan Festivals

Bhutan Festivals are some of the highlighted things to do for tourists visitor in Bhutan. There are many distinct festivals and these festivals for Bhutanese people are moment for social get-together where people wear their finest clothes and jewelries. One of the most vibrant festivals in the Bhutanese calendar is the Tshechu carried out in all the monasteries and temples throughout Bhutan. Tshechu is a mask dance festival to memorialize the events in the life of Guru Rimpoche who is honored as the second Buddha in Bhutan.

The Tshechu is celebrated either in spring or autumn, arranged according to the lunar calendar. It is believed that Tshechus were established during the 17th century and have a sacred set. Sword dances and other religious rites are performed by monks or village elders, tiring the most amazing, dazzling and symbolical outfits and masks. Each dance has its own holy importance and is meant to instruct the visitors about the Buddhist teachings, releasing them from evil and protecting them from misfortunes. The purpose of celebrating this festival is not only to educate the people, but they also provide a medium for social gatherings and contacts. The largest and most important tshechus happen during spring and fall in Thimphu, Paro and Bumthang.

Also, another festival which Bhutanese celebrate is Dromchoes. As believed, the Dromchoes are dedicated to the defending deities of Bhutan’s different drukpas (districts). Early spring the most famous dromchoe takes place at the Punakha dzong in honor of Mahakala, the protecting force of Punakha. Combat cantos, songs and dances are performed as well as the marching ceremony, executed by the traditional military called Pazaps. Please contact at Trexmount Ventures for the details of the festivals.