Everest Gokyo Ri Trekking

Everest Gokyo Ri Trekking

Namaste Hari and all at Trexmount Ventures, We have just completed our third visit and Fantastic trek in Nepal with a four day trek in Annapurna area and a 18 day trek to Everest base camp and Gokyo. Noelene joined us for the Everest trek and it was her 9th visit! We can highly recommend Trexmount Ventures as a great company. The guides we had, Ram and Tilak were very well informed and also both able to pace the trek to ensure we all reached our objectives. After struggling on our previous trek to Gokyo to go up Gokyo Ri, I was really pleased to make it to the top and also to Everest base camp. We had fantastic weather for our April trek and we were able to see many flowering Rhododendrons which is something I was particularly keen to see. We look forward to coming back again and seeing another part of the country, We Love Nepal. Our third visit were into Tibet for 7 10 nights 11 days to Everest Base, once again it was glorious holiday, can’t expect much from all the teams. Thank you all for your lovely hospitality. 

Bridget and Ron , New Zealand

Bridget and Ron
New Zealand

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