Tibet Travel Information

Trip Information’s

Arriving in Nepal & Transfers: Please provide us with your flight arrival details in Nepal so that we can arrange a free transfer to the hotel in Kathmandu. Our Representative who will have a sign with “Unique Path Travels “, please find our Representative when you are outside the terminal hill. Also Note our Numbers if incase your flight got change in time & Schedule or if you don’t see our Sign Board on your arrival or for any emergency; + 977- 1- 4701238, 4701239 or Cell: 9851058054

Pre Tour Departure Meeting:
Trexmount Ventures will write or inform you what time to hold the Pre Tour Departure meeting at very First day of the Tour schedule date. This meeting is held to discuss the tour itinerary & its related information’s in more detail, meet your crew and fellow passengers with our Tour Leader or Manager.

In addition, Our Tour Leader will check that all passengers have the necessary travel documents. All passengers MUST bring following Documents original or copy of them at the time of Pre Tour Meeting:
1. Passport.
2. Travel Voucher.
3. Travel Insurance Policy.
4. Your Two each Passport size photo for Permit
5. Flight ticket to Re-confirm

Tailor-Made Itinerary and Departure: We have tried to cover most of the highlight places in the live tours to fit for families, Students and Active travelers. Any of your live tours are open for private tour & joining group departure. If you are unable to find our live tour itinerary to suit your holiday needs. Our expert itinerary planner will set the new itinerary with your specific requirements on the based of your Budget, group size, interest and time frame.

We can put varieties of plan with your time frame & needs for family tours, student tours, Active Travelers and for any age group to suit interest of activities.

Passport: Your passport is a valuable document and you should exercise extreme care in keeping it safe. We recommend that you keep your passport on you at all times, preferably in a money belt that is worn under your clothing. We advise that you take copies of relevant pages in your passport and any visas that you may purchase in case of loss or damage. Your tour leader will require your passport details at the pre-departure meeting. Again, we recommend that you have a photocopy of your passport details, kept separate. Your passport must be valid for six months after the END of your tour, and must have one blank page for each country to be visited.

PREPARATION : Before you are planning the tour, you should be aware that it is rigorous and challenging trip where you have to spend your times at high altitudes. Particularly cardiac or respiratory, should consult a doctor before deciding to undertake the trip. So, at least 2 month regular practice is recommended either 2 hour daily running, swimming, or joining on a health club may help to complete the Tour successfully. Reduce drinking alcoholic beverage & smoking habits. Consult your Doctor to assess the state of your health to function safely within your own limitations. In addition to the personal prescriptions by your physician, a First Aid Kit is essential for the travel because Medical facilities are far from the places.

Documents: You are advised to own a small waist pouch or document bag to manage the following documents properly; Passport with Photostat copies Photographs, Identity card, Diary for addresses, contacts, small notes etc, Ball pens with spare refills Maps/Charts/Books etc. Travel Cheques, credit cards & Currency. Airline/Railway tickets/vouchers, any other document for personal purposes.

Recommended General Medicine for followings circumstances:

* Headache
* Cold
* Fever
* Stomach Cramp
* Chest congestion’s
* Cough
* Sneezing
* Vomiting
Muscle Pulls
* Nose Blocks
* Acidity
* Store Eyes
* Dysentery
* Constipation
* Body & joint Pain

* Loose motion
* Indigestion
* Constipation
* Stiffness


In addition to the Medication;
Rubber bands/ Ban Aid/ Vaseline/Facial tissues/ Cotton/ Chopstick/ Mouth Freshness ck/ Toilet papers/ Bandage roll / Lighter/ Nose Inhaler/ Mustard Oil/ Dust cover/ Cough drop/ Ditto /Listerine/ Body lotion/ Dark sunglasses/ Antiseptic / Cologne/ Candles.

Options: Carry Multi vitamins and vitamin-C tablets are required for daily consumption as a routine. Glucose-based items [mints, toffees, and mini chocolate bars for periodical consumption at high altitudes for energy.

Additionally: – Carry extra money [In addition to the tour cost] for personal needs or emergency. Cash is always convenient but credit card is accepted in Nepal. You can exchange your currency into Chinese currencies at the border. The unspent Chinese currency can be reconverted on return.

Note: This tour is operated by Trexmount Ventures. Information given in all brochures, leaflets and dossiers is given in good faith by the company, and is based on the latest information available at the date of update & publication.