Kanchanjunga Trekking

Kanchanjunga Trekking

We have put 50 days for Nepal adventure expedition through the Nepalese Himalayas. First planned an adventure in the Kanchenjunga and Makalu region, the plan was to first go to the Kanchenjunga basecamp, and then follow the great himalayan trail to connect with the Makalu Barun region. After this trek we planned an attempt for the Mera Peak. Due to the bad weather and lots of snow early October (due to the Indian cyclone) the traverse was almost impossible to make so we decide & made it to the Kanchenjunga North basecamp, and then had to skip the traverse. We then drive to Chitwan national park to spend the extra days from the trekking. The Mera Peak expedition was a success. Both, my wife and I reached the summit. So, the crew in the field and the organization in general, had to be extremely flexible. Flights had to be rescheduled; plans had to change… no problem for the general manager Hari Sitaula at Trexmount Ventures. He already showed himself very flexible during the planning, and this continued during our 50 day s trip through Nepal. This is the second time we work with them in Nepal (after the Annapurna circuit in 2010), and we are still very enthusiastic of the support we get from the company. This holiday’s itinerary was completely tailor made, and Hari takes care of all logistics, bookings, permits, etc. Traveling here is not always easy, and one should trek with a very open mind and be prepared to make changes. When (not if) we return to Nepal, we will definitely contact Hari again. It is always a relieve to know someone you know you can trust. Sabrine & Maarten Van Loon Belgium Tour date: October & November 2013.

Sabrine & Maarten Van Loon

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