Everest Exploration

Everest Exploration

I just want to thank you Hari personally as you made the hiker holiday seamless and an experience. From your  guide Suresh, Assistant guide Lachkindra, and your Sherpas Eki, Arki and Ram. Can I honestly say that I have never met people in my travels that would go over and above and are so beautiful and loving that I met when we conquered base camp (I mean that from the bottom of my heart). These human beings should be commended and given to every person that would like to trek any mountain in Nepal. They are patient, giving, kind, they always have a smile and just pure mountain people with true grit. I would do anything to meet up with them again one day and show my true thanks.

After sitting some nights and afternoons and listening to other guides I cannot believe how they treated their clients with disrespect (I was actually appalled). At no point in our entire trip did we feel like we didn’t belong, talked about or disrespected. We felt the complete opposite.

You should be commended on your achievements and hard work, as of late, they should be commended on their honesty, loyalty and commitment to your company.  I cannot wait to trek with Crooked Compass again and recommend it to others. Please do not think I am writing this because I have to however I am writing to you because as tough as Base Camp, I would never have done it without Suresh and Lachkindra and you. Thank you for putting us with the right people and surrounding us with love and respect. On Behalf of our Group Tania 

Tania and Team

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