Safety Reliability

Safety Reliability: The safety and the well-being of our groups are of paramount importance to us. We have a team of qualified professional guides who are well-trained by the Government of Nepal. Actually all the adventure travels done with proper safety precautions are not risky in themselves but when safety measures are esteemed less, many things can go wrong and minor sickness could turn out serious enough to be fatal. The safety records of Trexmount Ventures are unique to none. And we do no compromise for safety issues.

We always select our guides who are technically proficient, who have proven safety records and demonstrate supportive teaching styles. Our guides are highly professional and are well-trained in the first aid and hygiene, and personal protection equipment. We design all the itineraries in such a way that they will provide you enough time for acclimatization. We don’t compromise on quality to cut down the costs. Our guides and other staffs will always be there to ensure your comfort and safety during the trip.

We send clear and precise information relevant to travelers’ health prior to the trip and also information about the locale, food and climate. We will always be in constant communication with our field offices and monitor all aspects of government policy and weather that might affect your trip. In case of emergency, our helicopter rescue is available. Our foremost and utmost consideration is to your health and comfort. That’s why we carefully take care of hygiene and cuisine and provide the most suitable equipment and gear. Always feel safe joining our packages.

Some of the safety rules we suggest are:

There can be other security tips too. But mainly, you should be well alert about the security of your belongings. Key: we are always here to make you feel most safe and comfortable during your trips.