Responsible Travel


Trexmount Ventures is always endeavors to observe Responsible Tourism practices. We are always inspired by the principles for various responsibilities: ecological or environmental , social and cultural, economic, and the innovative. We always do our best to contribute to the awareness and change campaigns for responsible tourism. We frequently launch a number of timely eco-projects. We also train our guides and helpers in environmental education. We also spread awareness for other socio-cultural and economic responsibilities. We also encourage our clients to be more sensitive in the matters of both photography and dress codes while respecting differences, modesty and privacy.


We conduct all of our trips with careful eyes in order not to negatively affect the local ecology. We actively participate in various environmental education projects and campaigns. We are directly involved in various national and local environmental initiatives as well. We always strive to make a minimum impact on the local environment during our trips.


We do believe that we can operate commercially to preserve the social and cultural heritage of our country through the promotion of sustainable tourism. We work actively to promote and implement this philosophy whenever an opportunity presents. Trexmount Ventures is always committed thusly.


Trexmount Ventures always emphasizes making extensive use of available local products to enhance maximum economic benefits to local communities. Besides, we support rural development projects by contributing some amount of our profit every year.


Our company has been striving to help develop remote areas of Nepal. Since our company’s inception, we have always tried to make continuous effort to discover interesting new destinations. We are directly involved for conducting various innovative programs for the rural villages of Nepal.