Best Time to Travel

The year is divided into 4 different seasons in Nepal – winter, spring, monsoon and autumn. The Autumn Season is the best time to visit in the country. Autumn is from the middle of September to November. You will usually find clear blue skies and extraordinary mountain views. Another good period to visit for plant lovers is during spring from March to May when the flowers are in full bloom. The mountain slopes are covered with beautiful and colorful flowers. 

From June the downpour begins. It continues till late August. People can still do the trips into a few regions. Winter begins from December and continues till late February; it will be bit cold to go into high Himalayan region, however, you can do the trips in elevations below 3000m. You can find really clear weather this time of year as well. 

Nepal and its Himalayan range have a typical two monsoonal seasons a year. There’s the dry season from October to May and the wet season monsoon from June to mid September. The dry season is the best time in many ways to visit Nepal and around the Himalaya rather then in Monsoon.