Accommodation Transportation

ACCOMMODATION AND TRANSPORTATION: The mission of Trexmount Ventures  is to provide unforgettable travel experience through our wide range of high quality packages. Over the past 20 years our philosophy has remained the same: to enable our trip participants to immerse themselves in the country they are visiting; to learn to appreciate its people, cultures and wildlife and the delicate balance necessary for their coexistence. We are committed to ecologically sound trips. We use small, locally owned hotels that benefit the local community economically. Our small groups have a low environmental impact, and camping trips follow environmentally sensitive guidelines as well.

We can arrange almost all travel services including wide range of accommodation options based on your budget. As Nepal has every category of accommodation facilities that range from international star hotels to budget hotels and lodges, we can arrange the reservation for the most comfortable and safe accommodation for our clients in our improved and standard hotels of Nepal. The hotels of Nepal are renowned for their warm hospitality and catering services. Whatever your requirements maybe, Nepal hotels can meet them all. During our trips in rural remote areas, we will manage your home stay with comfortable accommodations. we will arrange very comfortable accommodation in various simple to star hotels into other destinations in Bhutan, Tibet and Sikkim/Darjeeling. Superior customer care is our highest priority from all services we offer before and during the trip.

As for transportation, Trexmount Ventures have a vision with to provide high quality luxurious brand from our trained drivers. During your Bhutan and Tibet trips, we arrange the transportation of clients by coordinating with the respective governments. Every time, we are always aware if our clients are having cumbersome experience in their trip. We make the best efforts to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Be sure about our transportation promises, we will make your journey worth remembering forever.